Sunday, March 22, 2015

Go Into All the World - A Review

After a completely unintentional 4 month hiatus, I am back!  Later on, I will fill you in on the new journey I am taking this summer in Honduras, as well as some other awesome things God has been doing.  But first...

David Chalmers is a Compassion International child advocate and blogger, often referred to as "The Man with 50 Kids".  In David's new book, Go Into All the World, he shares stories of his visits with 31 of his 50 sponsored children in 12 different countries!  Go Into All the World gives a close look at Compassion's ministry in these places, as well as an overview of how the organization runs.  David graciously sent me one of the pre-release copies of the book to read and review.
If you are like me and love to hear about others' experiences with missions and child sponsorship, this is the book for you!  Jam-packed with stories of Compassion child fun days and home/project visits, Go Into All the World brings a sense of realness to these often-glamorized stories.  While grammatically and structurally an easy read (I read the entire book in two sittings), a slower read may help you to take it all in and offer a deeper connection to the children you are reading about. 
The first several chapters of the book explain Compassion's ministry and give an in-depth look at how each of their programs work.  If you, like me, have been familiar with Compassion for any length of time, you may be able to skim through these chapters and get right to the visit stories.  Once you do, you will not be sorry!
Over all, I would definitely say that Go Into All the World is a worthy read.  David's heart for Compassion is clear throughout each chapter.  He has recently returned from a year of working at an orphanage in the Philippines, and has wasted no time jumping right back into his work with Compassion.  To read more from David, you can visit his blog.
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  1. Just read your interview about your last trip to Honduras and cried when you wrote about Estefani. So thankful she has a wonderful sponsor in you and your friend!

    1. Thank you so much, Dara! We will be returning to visit Estefani in July, so stay tuned if you would like more updates on our princess. :)